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Hello, and welcome to my world of adventures!!

As some of my visitors to the blog know, I am a Canadian born/German raised twenty-something year old currently residing in Munich, Germany with a thirst for travel on a thrifty girl budget. To date, I have visited 18 countries and counting (excluding both mother-lands), and strive for that number to keep rising along with the growth of this blog. 

The idea to start a blog has been a reoccurring thought ever since I lived in Poland in 2017. FINALLY I decided these collection of amateur photos are better off being shared with the world than to collect dust in my laptop. An e-scrapbook of my travel adventures, if you will ... and my Insta-feed might become a tad bit spent with the quantity of photo's I have to share. I enjoy writing, however I enjoy photographing more, therefore my goal is to aim for less text and more visual content with each blog post. Keep in mind it's a work-in-progress, so be patient with me, and enjoy the journey :) 

As for the name -- it came to me when I was a 19 year old tumbling around on tumblr, and has stuck in my mind ever since, as I was hesitant of where to place it. Alas, the perfect name of my first blog! For me the title implies that beauty is a subjective illusion presenting itself in different forms whether it be tangible or intangible. 

On a side note but never pushed to the side:

 I am a foodie that can eat more than fair share -- with a growing passion for the plant-based kitchen.

I love fashion -- a great sense of style makes my heart skip a beat. 

When I was 6 months old my parents bought a used school bus, took out all the seats, and packed-up our life in Ontario, Canada to move to the West Coast to British Columbia on a small island named Salt Spring Island...I guess this was our own modern day version of the Oregon Trail. Seeing as my parents and older sister had immigrated from Munich, Germany a mere 4 years earlier, their desire for adventure and the "Canadian dream" continued to thrive. My father would spend much of the 1990's on the open road in Canada and the USA as a tour bus driver for musicians (his claim to fame in my opinion, was driving the legendary David Bowie from Montreal to Toronto). He took us three girls with him on tour as often as it allowed.

My mother on the other hand, flew with my sister and I between Germany and Canada bi-annually to visit our relatives. This encouraged our German cultural roots to become imprinted into mine and my sister's identity.  

All in all -- I have my parents to thank for the wanderlust they instilled in me, preaching that it is greater to be unconventionally original than to conform to any standard. My grandma for housing and feeding me each time I came to visit Munich. And to my sister, my role-model, my childhood travel stylist.  

-- Melissa 

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-- Melissa Dollheiser

Munich, Germany

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